To My Surprise…

Today, I was reading this week’s chapter for my Abnormal Psychology course.  The chapter’s title is “An Integrated Approach to Psychopathology.”  It was quite interesting, until I got to the section discussing cultural, social and interpersonal factors, where in the first paragraph it said:  “Researchers have now established that cultural and social influences can kill you.”  On the next page it says, “A large number of studies have demonstrated that the greater the number and frequency of social relationships and contacts, the longer you are likely to live.  Conversely, the lower you score on a social index that measures the richness of your social life, the shorter your life expectancy.”   


I am dumbfounded.  Has it occurred to any of these specialists that some people just do not get along with the superficial sheep that most of the people in our society have become?  Did it occur to them that they are biased, because their studies are controlled and their subjects were hand picked?  Did it occur to them that they may offend someone in writing something like that in a textbook?

I plan to broach this subject in the lecture tonight.  It just amazes me what some of these textbooks are like.  The psychology text book for the course I took last term wasn’t even a text book; it was a book with each chapter written by a different author, was completely convoluted and made absolutely no sense.  

But hey, I’m still going strong with a continued 4.0 GPA.  Hooray for my side!  Anyone else out in blog world find those comments a bit frustrating?


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